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Our projects are way more holistic than our clients have been used to. We believe in holistic thinking in everything we do. We think that the tightly boxed roles of classical IT/digital industry are not suitable to meet the demands of 2020s: Everybody is a combination of multiple talents in some manner. The work roles should be tailored to empower these characteristics and the role should change flexibly over time, as people develop themselves and their interests evolve. We don’t cram people into ready-made cells.

Moreover, when we look at the challenges our clients ask us to help with, they are almost always revealed to be multi-faceted upon deeper inspection. They can’t be solved just by applying art of “development”, “design” or “data science” – we need all of these, and more. And in combinations no-one has ever thought about – in order to produce genuine new thinking and leaps forward.

What do we want from you?

If you consider yourself both as an Artificial Intelligence subject matter expert and a strategist, please keep reading.

As we all know, there is a constant lack of AI experts. That combined with the fact that companies have hard time capitalizing these emergent phenomena makes it increasingly important that the investment efforts are placed appropriately. This is where we come into play.

Our value proposition for our customers is that we are able to identify and create the means that company can go from current state to strategic goals through emergent phenomena. And this is what our customers like about us.

In practise this translates into strategy development, competence and technology audits, competence training, identifying new business models, proof of concepts, pilot projects, improving ways of working and follow-through when project goes to production.

Now we are strengthening our ranks within this area due to the demand and trust our clients show towards us.

If it helps, here are some qualities and details we believe are necessary to be successful in the aforementioned tasks. However, if you think otherwise, that would be even more interesting.

So, we believe it would be beneficial if you

  1. have knowledge over business development and change management
  2. have practical experience from hands-on AI/ML projects
  3. have a strong vision and a firm stand on what you believe in
  4. take the lead in situations where direction and next-steps are unclear
  5. are exceptional in breaking complex problems into a set of easily approachable problems
  6. possess grit and perseverance to keep going in the most difficult situations

Is that you?

Further information can be obtained from Jonne Heikkinen in case you want to know more about something. You can reach him at or +358 44 239 9711.

Leave your contact details below if you want to be part of making proper impact. We’ll be in touch.