Get-ML-Things-Done Consultant

We expect that your skills are battle-tested.

You understand what’s the difference between unsupervised learning, supervised learning and reinforcement learning. You have used them and know how they differ from optimization.

Your technical stack of choice or school of thought doesn’t matter to us but drag & drop tools like SAS don’t give you any bonus points in our books. However, econometrics, for example, do.

Everyone at Fourkind is a consultant first, specialist second. We work mostly in the core of our clients’ business, which means that we have the guts to state our opinion every time we have one.

Get shit done -mentality, ultimate self-guidance and proactive accountability are mandatory at Fourkind. We hold zero bureaucracy and don’t have specific units for sales, recruiting or back office so everyone is involved in these activities. We expect everyone at Fourkind to drive the company towards common goals.

Why join Fourkind?

We’re currently doing logistics optimization, reinforcement learning, dynamic pricing, NLP/NLU and real-time recommendations in a scale that only a few can deliver. Our projects require a lot from our people but they also give back beyond measure. You get to work with top-shelf professionals in top-shelf cases.

We offer you the environment to become the best version of your professional self. Whatever your craft, at Fourkind it doesn’t get limited with vendor contracts or obsession of certain methodologies.

World is changing too slowly, and so is the consulting scene. We at Fourkind are changing the way consulting is done by creating a new category: hands-on advisory. We position ourselves between management consulting and creative tech companies as we work from strategy to hands-on delivery in the must-win-battles. When it goes to long-term production projects we support the transition and organisational transformation by finding the right partners and by building in-house capabilities.

Our recruitment process involves two to three interview rounds and an exercise. It’s going to be about optimization, reinforcement learning or something similar.

Is that you?

Further information can be obtained from our Artificial Intelligence Partner Jarno Kartela in case you want to know more. You can reach him at or +358 40 769 3113.

Send your application to or if you want to be part of making proper impact. We’ll be in touch.