Working at Fourkind is a lot like working at any expert consultancy except we hold zero bureacracy / back office policy. Decision-making is truly decentralized. It’s true in real life, not only in festive speeches. We expect ultimate self-guidance and proactive accountability. In return we promise you unwavering support, honesty and no double standards. We don’t talk shit behind backs.

We do have some clear-cut roles open for senior level make-it-happeners, but the most important thing is the drive within you. If you feel like you are caged and held down in your current organizational model, or don’t understand the very narrowly-defined work roles that we have become accustomed to, you might be a great fit for us. If you want to see a more entrepreneurial future for yourself, do not hesitate to contact us.

The following are the building blocks of our roles. If you fit within one or many of these – even in exotic combinations, we can be the team for you.

Full Stack Designers

If you understand that next steps in UI design is to make it invisible, merely adjusting to your behaviour, movement and speech, you know where the design discipline should gravitate towards to. We want people who see beyond the current design paradigms taking us to the next level.


Solution Architects

The key-players in creating the foundations to everything. If you feel inclined to focus on building next generation AI-driven logics and services, we can offer you the best colleagues and projects just for that.


AI Strategists

We have barely scratched the surface in making business better with data, harnessing it to leverage all value creation. For this journey, we need thinkers and doers. A great skillset consists of hands-on AI experience combined with strategic expertise for business development.