AI Masterclass

Artificial intelligence and its core foundation, machine learning, are changing the world around us. Given that some 2,5 quintillion bytes of data are generated each day, the potential to leverage AI is only getting stronger. In fact, the transition to AI-powered solutions is well underway: every day, even though you may not notice it, you make use of algorithms that learn.

At Fourkind, we all share the same core frustration: we believe the world is changing too slowly. The time to put AI to good use is right now, and we want to help. That’s why we’re extremely proud to present our AI Masterclass, this time an intensive single-day training during which you’ll learn what AI is and how it can be used, with a strong emphasis on practical business applications and friction removal. We’ve got four top-notch instructors with proven track records to help you along the way.

31 May 2018

Väinö Kallio, Helsinki

Business decision makers

560€ (excluding VAT)

Why should I learn about AI?

AI learns from data in order to solve problems that are infeasible to solve by hand or write logic for, whether it be choosing what song to recommend based on a thousand pieces of user information, or teaching a car to drive itself. Some experts claim–and we agree–that AI and machine learning will become a permanent part of software engineering. No one would think of making a service that isn’t intelligent these days. We’ve all come to expect, and appreciate, services that make their lives easier, and why wouldn’t we?

Why should I attend Fourkind AI Masterclass?

At Fourkind, just as with every other piece of technology, we see AI as a means to an end–a way of providing value. We’re all about making things as easy and useful as possible for us humans. Our AI Masterclass keeps this core principle in mind, and forms the basis for all of the talks, exercises, and discussions in the course curriculum. It’s a different take on what AI training should be, and we chose the best instructors for the task.

Who is the AI Masterclass intended for?

The core tenant of the AI Masterclass is the application of AI in business. We’ll teach the basic ideas of AI from scratch, but the focus is more on AI in business contexts, which we’ll study extensively through real cases. If you’re a CxO-level executive, business manager/designer, or just someone who wants to be inspired by concrete examples of AI, this is the course for you. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the mathematics and statistical concepts behind AI, it isn’t the focus of the Masterclass, but our instructors are more than happy to chat about those, too.

What will I learn during the AI Masterclass?

The core idea of the Masterclass is to give you a well-rounded view of what AI is, and how it can be used to provide value in business contexts. In addition, you’ll learn about the following (and much more besides):

  • What the AI landscape looks like today, and what it may look like in the future
  • Where AI should be used to create the largest impact
  • How AI systems are built
  • What expertise is needed to make production-ready AI solutions
  • How to identify situations where AI might be useful
  • How AI and the platform economies fit together
  • How AI can be of help in your specific business


Jarno Kartela

Artificial Intelligence Partner, Fourkind

Jarno is a hands-on consultant & AI strategist, best known for the effective use of AI and creating data-driven organizations and platforms, most recently as the Chief Data Scientist at DNA. Now, Jarno is in the pursuit of bringing emergent tools and techniques within the field of data & AI to a broader set of users and use-cases. Jarno’s superpower is the effective combination of technological understanding with business understanding and pushing the envelope on driving measurable results in all areas of AI.

Max Pagels

Machine Learning Partner, Fourkind

Max is a machine learning specialist with an academic and consulting background who sees AI as a pervasive technology that has the potential to change just about any industry. With special expertise in online, deep and immediate-reward reinforcement learning, Max has a proven track record in bringing AI-powered solutions to production, from recommendation systems and image classification algorithms to text and sentiment classification.

Kimmo Karhu

Platform Economy Consultant, Fourkind

Kimmo is a platform strategy expert with doctoral degree from Aalto University and a seasoned teacher on digital strategy with experience from both university and executive education. Kimmo applies proven academic research to help firms find value and growth. By combining hands-on software industry experience and academic higher level thinking, Kimmo seeks to explain how AI, machine learning, and other technologies can be leveraged for scaling platform business.

Timo Honkela

Professor, Author, Speaker

A professor at the University of Helsinki. A former long-term chairman of the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society. Finland's representative in TC12 on artificial intelligence. 150+ publications. First paper on AI dated 1988. Author of Rauhankone (The Peace Machine). We're extremely proud and humbled that Prof. Timo Honkela will share his views as our keynote speaker at Fourkind AI Masterclass.


Breakfast & Meet-n-greet

Introduction to AI: the new language of business

Platform economy & AI


Keynote – Timo Honkela

Lecture – AI: Three Horizons


What to do next

Free-form Q&A / Wrap-up discussion

(Optional) Drinks, snacks and networking


Väinö Kallio

Our intensive single-day AI Masterclass is held in the Art Deco -era Väinö Kallio, a building that was originally designed by Väinö Vähäkallio in 1928 and served decades as Osuuskauppa Elanto’s headquarters.

With its exquisite surroundings, it supports our premium Masterclass experience with a chance to enjoy historical and architectural excellence. Needless to say, the high-end kitchen and wine cellar will make sure your palate is stimulated too.

How to get there?

Väinö Kallio is located in Hämeentie 11, Helsinki. It is close to downtown and is easily accessible with taxis, buses, trams and metro.


Pricing: 560€

Invoicing is also available. Please contact us if that’s your preferred method.

The fee includes:

  • Very extensive training by four leading thinkers in the field
  • Masterclass material and documentation
  • Premium meals and beverages through the day including breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and accompaniments, drinks and snacks
  • Fourkind Masterclass Diploma


With all questions related to Fourkind AI Masterclass, please email