Everyone at Fourkind possesses a curious, consultative and silo-breaking approach. We don’t force our clients into method-oriented processes which are never optimized for their business context. We don’t consider technology choices as means for value generation. Sometimes you shouldn’t code at all. Sometimes you need three developers working full time for an extended period of time. It always depends on the context.

We require a certain foundation of excellence from our people. Everyone at Fourkind has proven themselves either in business / service design, data science, software development or engineering. On top of that, we require that our people understand how the business world works, how investment decisions are born and how value streams are identified holistically. We are keen on keeping academia close.

Think of us as business consultants who can code, create algorithms and design things for the 21st century individuals.

Christina Calje


Niklas Collin

Engineering Partner

Bruce Ferguson

Machine Learning Partner

Jonne Heikkinen

Managing Partner

Tomas Heiskanen

Artificial Intelligence Consultant

Jan Hiekkaranta

Data Science Partner

Tony Hämmäinen

Machine Learning Consultant

Atte Jääskeläinen

Senior Advisor

Kimmo Karhu

Platform Strategy Consultant

Jarno Kartela

Machine Learning Partner

Jan Kokko

Data Science Consultant

Pauli Kärpänoja

Engineering Partner

Lassi A. Liikkanen

Business Design Consultant

Petteri Mannersalo

Data Science Consultant

Topi Manu

Business Design Partner

Vlad Metodiev

Data Science Partner

Lauri Mäkinen

Engineering Partner

Lilli Nevanlinna

Solution Architecture Partner

Max Pagels

Machine Learning Partner

Mikko Pajulahti

Director, Amsterdam & Partner

Henri Poikonen

Solution Architecture Consultant

Maria Pusa

Data Science Consultant

Tobias Rask

Solution Architecture Partner

Ossi Syd

Consultant Extraordinaire, Partner

Elli Taimela


Lasse Tammilehto

Design Partner

Tsui-Fan Tseng

Business Analyst


Machine Learning Consultant


Data Science Consultant