22 MAY 2019 2PM

When we decided to arrange a seminar to celebrate our latest achievements and new office space, we felt seminars had lost a great deal of their appeal, and became skeptical. We think it is due to the fact, that mostly seminars discuss what could be done, instead of what is already being done. And we understand the seminar fatigue from that perspective.

That is why we promise you something different. We only go through real world cases with real results – from several perspectives.

Thus You are warmly invited to

Fourkind’s summer seminar and housewarming event

on 22 May 2019 starting 2pm
(Keskuskatu 5B 4th floor)

We will start with coffee.

First talk is given by Jaakko Lempinen from Yle
(Head Of Customer Experience & Data & AI Product Owner):
Killing it with AI

We continue with Henkka Hyppönen:
The Future of Creativity

Glimpses of future creativity is given by PhD Maria Pusa & Henri Poikonen:
Aviation history – the optimal airport

Lastly we study how traditional creative domains can be augmented by Jarno Kartela:
The Birth of World’s First AI Whisky.

After the seminar, dinner is served and you have an opportunity to catch up with your peers and Fourkind staff.


If you have any questions, please contact Topi Manu +358 50 543 8718 /