What We Do

Fourkind is a consultancy with very deep design, engineering, advanced analytics and software development expertise. We can definitely code everything, build intelligent systems and design anything you can think of, but we do so in a way that prevents moral hazard.

Whatever the business case is, the concepts and solutions we design, can be built and put into production by whomever you decide to work with. We can work in hybrid teams consisting of multiple parties or merely assisting your internal team. The choice is up to you. We want to make everything easy.

The point is, there will be no incentives for us to expand the project in scope, timeframe or designated working hours. We like to call this model Moral Hazard Guarantee and it is something we stand by firmly.

What are the most common business cases we can help you with?

  1. Establishing the foundations of data-driven culture
  2. Training your people and organization to tackle the challenges of tomorrow
  3. Building new business and services on existing data capabilities
  4. Creating autonomous business processes in order to serve each customer better, faster and with more relevance
  5. Designing value chains in a new way that fully leverage the potential of all modern technology (value stream design)
  6. Making your business benefit from machine learning feedback loops faster than you can think of
  7. Setting up churn prevention and dynamic pricing models

The thing that ties all of this together is expertise in leveraging emergent capabilities. Something that may seem too early to really dive into. Capabilities so new that may seem risky and difficult to assimilate into your current business. We guarantee that they are not.

Our approach is unique. We want to shift from horizontal silo optimization to vertical value stream design, which keeps individuals’ time saved and overall consideration as its main KPIs. Looking at the world through this lens, we will never lose track of true relevance.