Fourkind is a consultancy with very deep design, engineering, advanced analytics and software development expertise. These capabilities are delivered from a business design point of view and softly challenging the existing business structures.

We carry out our business in a way that prevents moral hazard. The point is, there will be no incentives for us to expand the project in scope, timeframe or designated working hours. We know when we have delivered and when it is time to move on the next task.

The thing that ties all of this together is expertise in leveraging emergent capabilities. Something that may seem too early to really dive into. Capabilities so new that may seem risky and difficult to assimilate into your current business. We guarantee that they are not.

What are the most common business cases we can help you with?

  • Establishing the foundations of data-driven culture and truly proving why things work or don’t
  • Building new business and services on existing data capabilities
  • Creating totally new business approaches with platform economy models
  • Transforming your organization into leveraging emergent capabilities such as AI and blockchain
  • Experimenting and ramping-up artificial intelligence into new and existing business operations
  • Setting up churn prevention and dynamic pricing models
  • Implementing Industry 4.0 logics and solutions
  • Helping you study augmented and virtual reality

Platform strategy and experimentation –
bending the curve and bringing the future to present day

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Transformative upgrade in reshaping marketing effectiveness.

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Besides the ones above, we are also extremely proud to be working with the following clients