Fourkind accelerates AI adoption with Nordic AI Alliance

We are pleased to inform that together with 11 other Nordic companies, Fourkind is forming Nordic AI Alliance.

“The world is changing too slowly. The economical growth rate, which is the key for the well-being of all of us, has declined in developed countries because the automation methods that worked previously for production do not work for services – and world is now more services than ever. However, AI has a significant potential in the world of services. The knowledge and expertise to apply AI in real-world problems is top of the class in the Nordics but as there are still too few of us, we need to unite.” – Jonne Heikkinen, Managing Partner of Fourkind

The Nordic AI Alliance is made up by leading Nordic companies, all working with AI, and create stronger collaboration structures between the Nordic countries. The members of the Nordic AI Alliance pledge to help facilitate this acceleration, by helping other companies and organizations in the Nordic countries come in contact with the best expertise to help them throughout their AI journey.

Many of the Nordic Alliance Members have an international presence with several offices worldwide. List of alliance members and their HQ’s:

Annotell – Gothenburg, Sweden
Sana Labs – Stockholm, Sweden
Silo.AI – Helsinki, Finland
Fourkind – Helsinki, Finland – Oslo, Norway
Speechgrinder – Helsinki, Finland
Peltarion – Stockholm, Sweden
Modulai – Stockholm, Sweden
Mapillary – Malmö, Sweden
Reaktor – Helsinki, Finland
Doberman – Stockholm, Sweden
Avaus – Stockholm, Sweden