The world is changing too slowly.

Fourkind is the value stream design company. We are here to shake up this stagnation and stress-test current industry standards.

We approach our clients’ needs by concentrating on end-to-end value networks and finding new value from combinations of emergent capabilities, business design, engineering, service design and data science.


What drives Fourkind?

By emergent capabilities we mean things like machine learning, blockchain and NoUI customer experiences. We guide next generation growth leaps from start to finish, including turnkey service delivery.

We want to challenge the method-oriented status quo and introduce a fresh, holistic approach that starts from universal friction removal and prioritizes seamless value creation. We want to challenge ourselves by actively partnering and operating outside our bubble. The big change affects us too.

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We’re always looking for talent.

Toughest problems require the brightest people to solve them. It doesn't matter whether your main skillset is related to data science, design, software development, management consulting – or you are a multi-talent. We want you if you are awesome.