The world is changing too slowly.

Fourkind is The Hands-on Advisory Company.

We amplify current businesses with emerging technology, such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and platform economy consulting. We help decision-makers build organizations, products, services, processes and revenue around things we do best: data, machine learning, and new business concepts. We aim to test all of our cases in real contexts and build state-of-the-art metrics execution loops.

Yet we understand that change is constant, so we always try to look beyond the curve. There will always be new opportunities in the horizon. The world is changing too slowly and we’re about to fix that.

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The Hands-On Advisors

You may ask, reasonably, what or whom is a hands-on advisor? It’s our badge for a consultant that can refine, execute and build strategic concepts into experimentable business cases. And by building, we mean by coding too.

Hands-on advisors are able to engage with everyone in the investment ecosystem, including chief executives. But a hands-on advisor also has enough curiosity and cultural responsiveness to understand global mega trends, consumer expectations and the maturity of emerging phenomena.

Our crew

We don’t want to keep it to ourselves.

One of the most rewarding things you can do is share your knowledge with others. We’re fortunate enough to have a unique mix of experts from a variety of fields and we all care deeply about being able to explain our craft in a way that everyone can understand. That’s why education is a natural fit for us.


Join our ranks?

Toughest problems require the brightest people to solve them. It doesn’t matter whether your main skillset is related to data science, design, software development, management consulting – or you are a multi-talent. We want to expand our expertise stack, and do not believe in conventional work roles, so try be open-minded about approaching us.

Who knows, your superpowers might be just the ones we need.

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